Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire News!!!

More news has been released for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that’s going to light up Tumblr for the next few days.

First off, three new mega evolutions have been announced to join Mega Blaziken for the journey back to Hoenn. The first is Mega Sceptile which is said to be a Grass and Dragon type and just looks awsome. Next is Mega Swampert which Keeps his types of water and ground. Finally is the biggest shocker, Mega Diancie! This makes Diancie the first Kalos Pokemon to ever Mega Evolve. 

Next Kyogre and Groudon’s “Mega Evolutions” are shown to be Atom Kyogre and Atom Groudon. Not much is known about them but they are said to be “Atom Regression”.

Team Magma and Aqua are shown to return with possibly new leaders, as well as the Arco bike and Mach Bike. Also instead of Brendan and May having a Mega Ring, they shall have the Mega Bangle (The silver bracelet on their arms) as well as a new “summer” look.

Finally Steven Stone is back and has also mastered Mega Evolution with his new Mega Charizard X and a new goal in mind, the secret of Mega Evolution.

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The queens of Pokemon


The queens of Pokemon


Pre-release Diancie Giveaway! With Bonus Shiny

These are the pre-release Diancies from July 6th. I got them in seperate trades, but they are all technically the same Diancie, since this release was pretty much nothing but clones. They have the exact same stats, movesets, OT, etc.


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No more than 1 reblog and 1 like per person please!

Have your ask box open or I will draw another name.

Respond to my message with 24 hours or I will draw another name.

No giveaway blogs please.

You must give me your Friend Code and trainer name if you win, otherwise I cannot trade you the Pokemon.

Must be recieved on X or Y.

There will be 5 winners who will each recieve 1 Diancie! Each winner will also get to pick 1 bonus shiny from a list c: 

Giveaway ends July 25th, 10PM Pacific time!



There will be three winners, each winner will receive one Diancie. (◡‿◡✿) This is a surprisingly cute Pokemon and I’m really excited to be giving away three of these!

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✿ The giveaway will end on the 17/Sep/14 & the winner will be picked with a random generator!

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Shiny Hoenn starter giveaway
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Eight Shiny Eevee giveaway
Two Mew and Three Shiny Ditto Giveaway


The Mythical Pokémon Diancie, with its pink, glittering body, is said to be the most beautiful Pokémon in the world. Now, with Mega Diancie, the Mega Evolution of a Mythical Pokémon has been confirmed for the first time ever!


The Cutest Kalosian Legendary: Princess Diancie


Okay Kageyama was amazing and all but can we talk about tsukishima

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